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photo of We Belong logo
Photo of student at graduation
Photo of student wearing Barrington baseball cap
Photo of Special Olympics Basketball
photo of Grove student

Every year Dr. Robert Hunt, in collaboration with district leaders, launches a theme for the school year. The theme for the 2022-23 school year in Barrington 220 is #WeBelong220. 

Belonging is at the heart of our fundamental needs as humans. Students who have a strong sense of belonging are more engaged and feel like a valued part of their school community. 

We are committed to creating a sense of belonging in each of our students. This is facilitated through the relationships our students establish with each other, district staff members, parents, and community members. We can all make an impact through our words and actions. #WeBelong220 stresses the importance of providing a culture in which students feel a genuine connection to their school. A place in which they feel safe, comfortable and willing to take risks in pursuit of their own personal excellence within an environment in which differences are recognized, appreciated and celebrated. Throughout the school year, all schools will participate in activities which relate to the theme of belonging. 

This school year’s theme coincides with a larger community wide effort in which community members are coming together to nourish a culture of belonging in Barrington and beyond. Click here to learn more about the community effort

Excellent schools are the result of a supportive, unified community. We appreciate the ongoing support we receive as a school district. We encourage all to join us this school year as Barrington 220 comes together to show how #WeBelong220!