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ed Tilly

As Chairman and CEO of Cboe Global Markets, Ed Tilly (BHS ‘81) is constantly on the go, traveling to cities all over the world

Within the first three months of 2023, he had already made trips to Singapore, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. Cboe Global Markets, pronounced “see-boh” for short, is one of the world’s largest exchange operators, running 26 financial markets across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. 

Ed Tilly prepares for a TV interview from Cboe’s trading floor in Chicago

Tilly prepares for a TV interview from Cboe’s trading floor in Chicago.


“We have operations around the globe and it’s great to have that connection with people in this post-pandemic world,” Tilly said. “But no place compares to Barrington. Barrington is home.”

Tilly’s family moved to Barrington in 1972 from Flossmoor, IL. He spent his childhood playing baseball and football and learning about the great outdoors. When he entered Barrington High School he continued to pursue athletics by running track. On the academic side, he enjoyed English class thanks to Dale Griffith, a beloved former BHS teacher. 

When it came time to pursue a future career path, he initially wasn’t sure which direction he wanted to go. After graduation, he attended a small liberal arts college in Michigan for a couple of years, before transferring to Northwestern University, where he took an interest in economics. It was during his college years that he began to appreciate his upbringing in Barrington. “I was exposed to experiences, whether academic or extracurricular, that most kids don’t experience until college,” Tilly said. “The opportunities I had in Barrington 220 allowed me to learn and grow as a person.”

“The opportunities I had in Barrington 220 allowed me to learn and grow as a person.”Once he earned his degree, Tilly moved to the city, and in 1987 he began working on the trading floor of the Cboe as a  clerk. But he couldn't stay away from Barrington for long. In 1992 he and his wife Jennifer moved back home to raise their two children. They became reacquainted with the community through their kids’ involvement in sports and Barrington 220 schools, as well as their involvement with a local charity and their church. Tilly also served as a Trustee on the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation, helping to bring various projects to fruition such as the physics playground at BHS. 

“A lot changed between the time I left for college and when I moved back to Barrington in the early 90s,” Tilly said. “There was a lot of development along Highway 59.” Today, Tilly loves how the Barrington area appeals to a wide range of families. “It has a little bit of everything. There’s the countryside in Barrington Hills, the newer construction in South Barrington, and more of a traditional feel in the village.” 

Despite the growth and his global travels, he says his connection and affinity to the Barrington area has remained strong through the years. “When you’re a teenager you sometimes want to get out of a small town, but the memories I made here are very positive. There is still that community feel.”