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Fulbright work

This fall BHS Social Studies and English teacher Heidi Rockwell received the Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Program Award. As a Fulbright recipient, she is currently taking a Fulbright Teachers for Global Classroom's (TGC) course, in which she has partnered with a teacher from Pennsylvania to increase their students' broad and more global understanding of the world. They asked their students to choose a specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goal that resonates with them, do research, create an infographic, and then create a Flipgrid video to share with the PA students who are doing the same. The goal is to investigate how their school and community addresses the same issue. Check out the final project video from one of her groups!

This is Rockwell's second time receiving a Fulbright Grant. In 2007 she was awarded the Teacher Exchange Grant and spent the year teaching English as a foreign language in the Czech Republic. This is her 24th year teaching English and Social Studies at BHS.