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At its May 21, 2019 meeting, the Board of Education approved a new location for the Barrington Transition Program. BTP is a district-based program which provides educational services for students within the community who are 18-22 years old. It is an educational community dedicated to transitioning young adults with diverse abilities into adulthood in the areas of vocational/employment training, functional academics, and independent living. They have completed their graduation requirements and they are moving on to expand their skills to be independent in the community. The program focuses on vocational and daily living skills. The new location will be at 1525 S. Grove Avenue. It will include a social area, kitchen, sensory room, ADA compliant bathroom, laundry space and workspace for students and staff. Also, please stay tuned for the new Barrington Transition Program website!
Questions? Contact Chelsea Hedges, Barrington 220 Director of Student Services at
Photo of Barrington Transition House
The new Barrington Transition House will be located at 1525 S. Grove Avenue in Barrington.