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Debate Champion

BHS student Kalina Pierga recently took first place at the IHSA state Lincoln-Douglas Debate championship, held at Illinois State University. Pierga is senior captain of the BHS Lincoln-Douglas Debate team. She was also named IHSA All-State Team Captain and took 2nd Place in the NSDA District Tournament. 

Lincoln-Douglas Debate is a one-on-one form of debate where each student prepares both an affirmative and negative case for a predetermined topic. Debaters only find out which side they will have to argue moments before each round begins. Students are evaluated for two kinds of awards: a "speaker" award based on their public speaking skills and general eloquence, and an overall placing award based on their argumentation and how many judges voted for them to win each round. Lincoln-Douglas tournaments typically include 4-6 rounds of debate in a day.  

Across all tournaments this season, the entire team won more than 50 awards. The  team also qualified for two national tournaments this summer, including the National Speech and Debate Association Tournament in Dallas, where both Northern Illinois District Representatives will be BHS students, and the CCFL tournament in Milwaukee, where three out of the six Illinois State Representatives are BHS students. The BHS Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team is led by BHS English Teacher, Coach Moira Quealy. 

Varsity: Arjun Asija, Kalina Pierga, Anish Raju, Rhea Sharma, Rhea Thomas, and Jaree Zaidi

Junior Varsity: Om Gandhi, Aryan Nambiar, Austin Nye, Aaryan Shah, and Rohan Sharan

Novice: Kate De Grazia, Om Kohle, Sia Joshi, Anushka Rao, Sanjana Shankar, Ranya Sharma, Lauren Weiner, April Wu

Congratulations to ALL of our debaters!