• In Over 15 Years of Bringing More To The Classroom

    The Barrington 220 Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization.  We “find the funds” for initiatives that enhance learning but are not otherwise supported by tax revenues. 
    "To acquire and distribute resources in support of Barrington Community School District 220 for programs and projects aimed at enhancing, enriching and supplementing learning opportunities for students, staff, and community"
    Learn more about the Barrington 220 Foundation in this video produced by BHS TV: 
    Thanks to the incredible generosity of alumni, individuals, and businesses, the Educational Foundation has donated more than $2.5 million to Barrington 220.  Funds are awarded in following grant categories:
    • Project -- a one-time award for an effort that enhances learning opportunities.
    • Projects for Innovation and Enhancement (PIE) -- allows teachers and staff to introduce innovative programs that benefit students.  This grant has a maximum award of $1500.
    • Helping Hand -- when other funding sources are limited, teachers and staff may apply for a Helping Hand to obtain funding for practical supplies for instructional projects.  Awards have a maximum of $500.
    • Memorial -- a grant that honors the memory of a family or community member. 
    Applications for grants are available on-line.  Click on the desired grant category above, or you may contact us with your idea.
    You can bring more to the classroom with a donation today.  Click on  "Make a Donation."   Thank  you.

    What a difference YOU make!