• Independent Investigation Method
    District 220 elementary students follow these footsteps to success in their research projects.
    Step 1
    Researchers record information they already know (facts) and things they want to learn (questions) about a topic they have chosen or been assigned.
    Step 2
    Goal Setting
    Researchers set goals by developing questions to guide their study.  Other goals might include a time management plan, types of resources, and amount of information and key vocabulary words to be gathered.
    Step 3
    Researchers use a variety of resources and strategies so they can gather and record information, focusing on goals set in Step 2.
    Step 4
    Researchers organize their data to allow them to analyze and interpret findings for use in a paper or project.
    Step 5
    Goal Evaluation
    Researchers check to see if they've fulfilled the assignment requirements and evaluate the quality of their work during the first four steps.
    Step 6
    Researchers create a product to show what they have learned.
    Step 7
    Researchers present their findings to an appropriate audience.
    Click here for an overview of IIM. 
    For more information on the Independent Investigation Method, visit http://www.iimresearch.com/.