Illinois Association of Microboards & Cooperatives Presentation


The Illinois Association of Microbords & Cooperatives

A project from the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities



By setting up a microboard (small Board of Directors) or cooperative, for your son or daughter, you can have greater control over funding, care and managing the services. These include among others, day programming, therapies, supported employment, housing and transportation.


Attend an Information Session and learn about:



~What a microboard is and is not

~An overview of the process used to help individuals and their families

create microboards

~Examples of microboard success stories



~ What a cooperative is

~ What it means to be a member of a cooperative

~ What other cooperatives are doing

~ The proven steps to set up a cooperative

~ How governing your own company gives you choice and power over services        and your life.


PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope)

For additional information about the Illinois Association of Microboards & Cooperatives, please visit and view the video "A Path to a Better Quality of Life."


When: 6:30 PM, February 12th


Where: Barrington High School

616 West Main Street

Barrington, Illinois 60010

847.842.3498 (Direct)

Questions? Contact:  Lyndsay Janura


Lyndsay Janura
Phone: (847) 842-3498


Barrington High School Room C-271
616 West Main Street
Barrington, IL 60010The zipcode must be numeric with at least five numbers.