Physical Education

  • The physical education curriculum is designed to contribute to the physical, social, emotional and mental development of students. The program is organized to put an emphasis on fitness, wellness, and the participation in lifelong activities through a healthy lifestyle. Students will be exposed to the basic components of fitness, the basic rules and strategies of team and individual sports, the components of CPR and the necessary tools to create and execute an individualized fitness plan. Classes will participate in sports activity three days a week and two days a week will be set aside to address and improve personal fitness level.

    Physical Education is required for four years. During students’ sophomore year they must take Health one semester and Physical Education the other semester. The Board of Education has adopted the following policy in relationship to Senate Bill 730: Students grades 11 and 12 may be excused from Physical Education for the following reasons:

    • In-season Athletic Waiver: Any junior/senior athlete on a junior varsity or varsity athletic team roster is excused from their physical education class for the duration of their season. The waiver begins when the head coach of that sport determines his/her team and turns in the list of athletes to the PE Department Chair. All forms are completed by the head coach. There is no student required waiver form. Athletes are expected to return to their PE class at the culmination of their season. If they should quit or be removed prior to the end of the season, immediate return to the PE class is required. Failure to return to PE may result in a grade of F.

    • Academic PE Waiver: Students must be enrolled in 6 classes during their season to be waived for the semester. An athlete whose season crosses over both semesters and is enrolled in 6 classes per semester will be waived for the year. b. This waiver requires an application be picked up in the counseling office. All application deadlines must be met or this privilege will be denied. Applications are due during the course selection process. If an athlete’s schedule changes, fall applications will be processed in the first two weeks of the next school year.

      Interscholastic Band Waiver: Freshman and sophomore students participating in marching band in the FALL semester are waived from 1st semester PE class.

    • Enrollment in academic classes that are required for admission to an institution of higher learning. Verification must be obtained from the university that admission will be denied unless all courses on the students schedule are successfully completed.

    • Enrollment in academic classes that are required for graduation from high school. If students cannot graduate with Physical Education on their schedule, they may also substitute another course for Physical Education.