Career Planning

  • Career Treks

    This is a unique career exploration opportunity available to juniors and seniors. Students spend a day traveling to a job site that is focused on one career cluster. Usually 10-20 students, along with school chaperones, participate in a Career Trek. This program is designated for students who are focused on a specific career area and want to gain information and insight into options and opportunities available within the particular field. For more information contact the Career Advisor.

    Education to Career Programs

    Barrington High School is a member of the Northwest Educational Council for Student Success, along with high school districts #211 and #214 and Harper College District #512. The purpose of the NECSS is to offer coordinated and specialized career awareness and exploration services for high school and community college students.

    Career Education Mission Statement

    The Barrington High School Counselors in alliance with business partners, faculty representatives, parents and students recognize the link between career satisfaction and life fulfillment. We strive to enable students to gain self-awareness, investigate options, and plan for the future. Our goal is to expose students to this career education planning process as a resource for life-long learning.

    Career Planning 

    Career planning, including interest inventories and personality profiles for students beginning the process of exploring their interests, attitudes and goals is available. Career trek experiences are also encouraged as a means of exploring career ideas.

    Career Cruising and Naviance are online tools students access to explore career and college options.

    Dual Credit Courses, Credit by Exam, Articulated Courses and Shared Courses

    Selected courses in the curriculum have been designated as “Dual Credit, ” “Articulated Credit,” “Credit by Exam,” and “Shared Courses”. These courses are offered as part of a curriculum collaboration with William Rainey Harper College and high school districts 211 and 214.

    Dual Credit allows a student to earn both Harper College and high school credit simultaneously.

    Credit by Exam classes are taught at BHS by BHS faculty using the Harper College curriculum and final exam. Students who successfully complete the Harper College final exam may choose to pay a course fee and receive Harper College credit.

    Articulated Credit requires successful completion of a specific high school course with a B or an A and successful completion of a corresponding sequential Harper College course.

    Shared Courses offer an opportunity for students to take high school credit courses not offered by BHS. The courses are offered at a District 211 or 214 school per availability.

    Certain restrictions apply to these courses and interested students should see their high school counselor for details.