•                                                  Career Trek Program

                                              Linda Griffin
                                                                      Career Advisor

                                                                             Office Hours:
                                                                       Monday - Thursday
                                                                        7:30am – 2:30 pm
                                         Office located in the Counseling Department Room S-295F
                                           Office Hours subject to change due to treks and events.
                                                 E-mail: lgriffin@barrington220.org
                                                                 Phone: 847-842-3435
    Career treks are career-related field trips organized through my office.  They
    are supervised trips which take place during the school day - most are only a
    few hours. Due to limited space for these field trips, spots are filled on a first
    come, first served basis, with priority given to juniors and seniors. Please stop
    by and see me if you have a certain career you are interested in exploring.
    For other events outside the school day, internships and camps please click here: 
    The Career Trek program is made possible through a partnership/grant funded by
    the Northwest Educational Council for Student Success (NECSS)
    http://necsspartnership.com. Their mission is to develop programs with partners
    (like D220) that inspire postsecondary education and career readiness as a life goal. 
    Through this partnership BHS students are invited to attend Career Nights hosted
    by other local high schools. These Career Nights are advertised and will show up
    on this website.

                          First Semester Career Trek Opportunities 

    IMTS    Manufacturing/Technology Show                   September 13
    Robotic Surgery      St. Alexius Robotic Surgery                           September 21
     Math   Mathematician                                              September 26
    Career Night   Arts & Communications/Human Services      October 5
    Interior Design        Interior Design/Home Fashion                        October 11
    Bright Horizons      Bright Horizons                                               October 13
    Career Night   Health/Natural Resources Career Night        October 25
     Empire Beauty School         Cosmetology/Beauty Careers                        October 27
    Musical Theater        Music/Theater Careers                                  November 10
     Career Night    Engineering/IT Careers                                 November 15
     MotorWerks       MotorWerks                                                   November 16
     UOP       Chemical Engineering                                   November 17 
    Print Expo     Harper Print / Graphics Expo                        December 2

                                           Second Semester Career Trek Opportunities

     Marketing        Marketing @ Culture 22                                January 19
    Law Day    Law Day @ Rolling Meadows Courthouse      February 8
     Forensics      Forensics/Criminal Justice                              February 16
    Health Care      Health Care Careers                                       February 24
     Am. Psychiatric Assoc     Psychology/Behavioral Health                         March 1
    Bright Horizones    Bright Horizons                                                March 7
     Engineering     Engineering Day                                              March 8
    Fidelitone Logistics   Fidelitone Logistics                                         March 9
    Morningstar        Morningstar-Women in IT                              March 14
    Fashion            Fashion Design                                               March 14
    Pharmacy              Pharmacy                                                        March 17
    Harper Graphics     Graphic Arts @ Harper                                                 April 7
    Skilled Trades  Skilled Trades Fair                                         April 27 
    HARPER     Harper Career & Technical Programs            April 28