Department Procedures

  • Making Appointments With Counselors

    Student-Scheduled Appointments
    Students make appointments with the department secretary.

                           Counselors may be available before or after school.
                           When a student reports for his/her appointment, the student must check-in with a secretary.
                           Appointment times should be made during a student's lunch/open period.

    Counselor-Scheduled Appointments

    There are certain times when a counselor requests an appointment with a student and sends a pass for the student to report to his/her office.
    At the time of the appointment, the student informs the secretary that his/her counselor sent him/her a pass.
    Unscheduled-Appointment Requests
    There may be occasions when a student needs to see a
    counselor immediately.
          1. The student must check-in with a secretary to be
            sure the counselor is available.
          2. If this is an emergency, please alert the secretary


    College Related Services
    College Counselor Appointments - Seniors all year
    College Counselor Appointments - Juniors beginning second semester

    Appointments are made through the College Counselor's Administrative Assistant in Guidance. Log in to Naviance. There is a direct link to Naviance on the guidance page of
    the BHS  website.
    College counseling appointments are typically made during the student's lunch/open period. 
    National Test Registration Information
    ACT, SAT, and SAT II registration is done on their individual websites. However, students who need accommodations must contact Special Services. Students can meet with their guidance counselor or with a college counselor to discuss which tests are most appropriate and when to take them. 
    Financial Aid Information
    FAFSA (Free Application for Student Assistance) information, along with scholarship information, are available in the Guidance Resource Center. 
    BHS College Visits
    Throughout the fall and spring, over 200 college admission representatives visit Barrington's campus to visit with BHS students. The visits take place during the school day and are open to juniors and seniors. This is a valuable opportunity for students to hear about college programs and to ask individual questions. All college visits are listed in the GRC window, in Naviance, a quick link on the BHS webpage, and in the daily announcements. Students may attend during any open. To attend during a class and avoid concerns with the Attendance Office, an excused form must be picked up from the GRC, signed by the teacher at least 24 hours ahead, and returned to the GRC the day of the visit.
    Transcript Requests
    Students & Alumni request transcripts from Current students must inform a college if a course is dropped or added after the transcript has been processed. 
    College Application Process
    The college applications process begins at the start of a student's senior year. While each college and university has its own guidelines to follow, students and parents are encouraged to attend all evening college planning programs. Students are requested to meet with their guidance counselor and/or college counselor to help facilitate the series of actions required. 
    The process is clearly defined in the College and Career Planning Guide which is available on the BHS website. Please submit all materials at least three weeks ahead of the application due date.
    Guidance Resource Center
    The Guidance Resource Center offers up to date information, materials and programs related to colleges and careers. Students and parents are encouraged to make use of these resources. The GRC is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on school days. The center houses over 1000 files on colleges and universities, art and design schools, technical and vocational schools, and military, study abroad, and summer programs. 

    "I need to see my counselor because . . . "

            • I need help with course selection.
            • I have questions about study habits.
            • I want to develop my personal interests.
            • I need a college recommendation.
            • I need to make sense of the college application process.
            • I am having difficulty in a class.
            • I wish to review my current progress in school.
            • I need to plan for my future.
            • I need help investigating different colleges.
            • I want to take a Personal Interest Survey.
            • I have questions about career planning.
            • I have questions about a specific career.
            • Things have not gone as I had planned or hoped.
            • I need help to keep a balance between, school, sports and my social life.
            • I want to make post-high school plans.
            • I need help to decide on the best college for me.
            • I want to improve my high school experience.
            • I need help with __________.
            • I have a question about __________.
            • I don't know what to do about _________.