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    Our mission is to connect students with the community in volunteer service.

    Students wishing to volunteer can check the list of Student Volunteer Opportunities for a one time or ongoing volunteer opportunity.  Students can sign up to volunteer directly with the organization using information on the list of opportunities.
    Any volunteering activity that is not included on the BHS Student Volunteer Opportunities list must be pre-approved prior to the activity to ensure that it is eligible for school credit.  To receive approval you must fill out a Volunteer Pre-Approval Form .  Completed forms must be returned to Mrs. Horcher in the Guidance Resource Center.  Any forms submitted during the summer break will not be considered until after school resumes in August.

    NEW! In order to receive volunteer credit students must enter their volunteer hours electronically using TranseoStudents are responsible for turning in hours.  Volunteer hours will still be approved/verified by Mrs. Horcher.  Students will be able to set track hours and set goals in Transeo. For instructions on using Transeo click here. You will still be able to view your volunteer hours in you Infinte Campus Portal - How to access by reports.
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    Program Benefits for Students
    Life Experience
    • Learn to give of themselves to their community                                         
    • Interact with a diversity of people
    • Make new friends
    • Develop personal values
    • Gain satisfaction from helping others
    • Acquire life skills
    • Explore career options
    • Establish job contacts
    • Earn school credit
    • Enhance college and job profile
    • May be eligible for awards or scholarships
    High School Credit

    120 hours = 1 credit hour (maximum)
    60 hours = 1/2 credit hour
    30 hours = 1/4 credit hour
    Hours are accumulated over 4 years.
    Pass/Fail grade is not a part of grade point average.

    Personal Profile

    Colleges and future employers, when making their selections, recognize and look favorably upon voluntary community service as an important extra curricular activity. 

    Program Benefits for Our Community
    • Enhance the community's future by engaging our youth in service
    • Opportunity to produce a growing social conscience in young people
    • Intergenerational communications
    • Young citizens develop an increased sense of "community" and their responsibilities.
    • Volunteer youth facilitate projects for service organizations.
    • Students employed in useful activities evolve into productive adults.
    • Positive community exposure
    For additional information contact: Lisa Horcher, Student Volunteer  Coordinator- lhorcher@barrington220.org 847-842-3406