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    Imagine being in a high school class while at the same time conceptualizing, planning, strategizing and operating your own business.  Imagine as well the opportunity to not only learn by doing but learn from real world mentors - people from the community who have done just that, successfully, in the real world and are coming to BHS every day to help you be successful.  That is the concept behind the Business Start-Up Incubator (incubatoredu@bhs) program that launched in fall 2013. 
    Five final business presentations were reviewed by a panel of outside business experts in May 2014.  They were the first ever as the teams competed for start-up funding after a year of classroom learning about how to conceive and launch and new business product or service idea, including non-profit.  See more pictures here.
    "BIS is a great class because it doesn't require you to ask the question "how does this matter in the real world?" Everything that you do in the class is directly applicable to the real world. I never feel as if I am learning in the conventional sense of the word. I don't study, I don't memorize and I don't do worksheets. I make financial statements, business calls and presentations. Through this class you learn how to communicate and that is something that is lacking in almost all other classes."   Ben L., BHS Junior
    "Our business, Nibblestx, is looking forward to the pitch as an opportunity to share with the board our school year's worth of hard work, long weekends spent by the freezer, and a     tirelessly revised business model. We know we speak for many students when we say that we aren't just passionate about our own concept but we're also passionate about learning lifelong skills."  Grace M., BHS Junior
    "The Business Incubator Start-Up Class has taught me so much as an entrepreneur as well as valuable skills to use no matter what career I pursue. Leadership, public speaking, organizational skills, this class incorporates them all. I would recommend the class to anyone even if they don't have an interest in business."  Scott A., BHS Junior
    There have been a number of media spots done on incubatoredu@bhs:
    Forbes.com featured the inubator@bhs pitching their ideas to investors.

    365 Barrington
    An article featuring the BHS course as they wrap-up the school year
    The top five start-ups that presented to real investors and received $80,000 in funds
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    Marcus Leshock featured the BHS Business Incubator on WGN Morning News
    See the video of the broadcast here

    The BHS Business Incubator course appeared live on CBS Chicago's morning show April 17. Reporter Vince Gerasole poses with SockFlare.  
    See the video of the broadcast here

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