• Strategic Plan

    20 20 Vision

    Futurist and author John Naisbitt said, “Strategic planning is worthless unless there is first a strategic vision.” This plan began as a vision of the year 2020, when the kindergartners of 2008 will enter their graduating year at Barrington High School. We asked ourselves, “What should their education look like by the time they reach that milestone?” More importantly, “How can we sharpen our 2020 vision today in an effort to improve instruction from now until then?”

    These are challenging questions that require focus, foresight and a fair amount of financial resources. To answer them, we called on parents, staff and local leaders to shape this conversation. More than 300 stakeholders responded, investing months and thousands of hours to meet and discuss their 2020 vision for Barrington 220. The result is this plan, a synthesis of ideas, best practices, core values and proposed outcomes.

    This plan represents the shared perspective of our community, blending imagination and practicality to catch a new glimpse of our future. From year to year until 2020, this vision may change slightly, as eyesight often does. You will see, however, even success periodically needs to be redefined.
    Tom Leonard
    Dr. Tom Leonard
    Superintendent of Schools