Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Mission Statement

Inspiring all learners to achieve excellence

Our Vision...
To become a premier learning community, preparing today's students for tomorrow's world
Enduring Understandings

Our Commitments...
COMMUNICATION- We will continue to improve open, active, on-going and honest communication with students, staff, parents and the Barrington 220 community.

CULTURE & CLIMATE- We will promote and model safe and supportive interactions that demonstrate respect for our diverse community.

SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL NEEDS- We will help all students develop self- awareness/management skills, and the appropriate use of interpersonal and decision-making skills.

STUDENT LEARNING- We will focus on relevant learning experiences that lead to high quality student achievement.

TEACHER LEARNING- We will be reflective, life-long learners striving to continually improve our practice.

TECHNOLOGY- We commit to increasing students' technology literacy while expanding its practical application to enhance learning.