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  • Senior Yard Signs ON SALE NOW

    Senior parents! The annual yard sign sale for those graduating helps funds the senior celebration. Sales begin Monday, March 8 and will run until June 1. The process is different this year, so please check this page for more information to order yours!

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  • Welcome to the Barrington High School PTO!

    With students now in high school, it's a big change from the elementary school and even middle school experience. The volunteering with your students isn't the same, and they likely don't share information at the end of the day the way they once did.

    The BHS PTO does our best to bridge the gap between school and home. The monthly PTO meetings are a wealth of information with the principal and counselors sharing need to know information and updates, as well as Board of Education represenatives sharing their updates, as well. It's a congenial meeting with plenty of time for questions so you can understand everything from when your child should start to attend College Night to learning about standardized testing plans and requirements to changes in final exam structure and concepts and more.

    Though there aren't as many events as younger grades, we do still rely on volunteers to make our programs happen, everything from assisting with free EKG testing with Young Hearts 4 Life to helping with College Night to chaperoning the Senior Boat Cruise and more. Parents remain as much the heart of the PTO as they do in any other school, and we sincerely hope you'll join us this year.

    Do you want to stay in the loop? Sign up to receive email reminders about PTO meetings, volunteer opportunities, and updates. There are only a couple emails sent a month, but it helps you stay in the loop at the high school. Sign up here if you're interested!

  • Want to help the PTO without spending any extra money?

    Whoever said there was no such thing as a free lunch hasn't tried to help the BHS PTO! While you do your normal shopping, you can dondate money to the PTO at the same time without spending an extra dime.


    Amazon Smile donates to the BHS PTO every time you purchase through smile.amazon.com (or Amazon Smile on the app) once you have the Parent Teacher Oranization of Barrington High School designated as your charity of choice. It's truly that simple!

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    Heinen's donates up to 1% of your shopping to the BHS PTO. Last year, we earned over $3,000 thanks to you! However, you do need to renew your selection every year either at the Customer Service desk in store or online. Just tell them you want to support the BHS PTO, and they will start tracking your donations. Even better, it's not too late. They retroactively add all your purchases even if you don't renew until later in the year. Just make sure to do it before April 1 and always use your rewards number when you shop!

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