Textbook List


    Applied and Fine Arts
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Art Through the Ages AP Art History 9780155050907 
    Game Maker's Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners*Computer Programming 1 and honors9781590596159
    Fundamentals of Java: AP Computer Science Essentials*Computer Programming Adv honors, AP Computer Science9780619267230
    Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and VideoStudio TV 1, 2, 3, 3 honors, 4, 4 honors9780960371815
    Television Production: A Classroom ApproachStudio TV 1, 2, 3, 3 honors, 4, 4 honors9781591581598
    The Musician's Guide to Recordings*
    AP Music Theory
    The Musician's Guide to theory and Analysis*
    AP Music Theory
    Stage and School*
    Theater 1, 2
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students  
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Art of Watching FilmsSr. English- Film Crit and honors9780073535074
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Algebra and Trionometry- LarsonFr. Accelerated Math honors9780618052837
    Geometry for EnjoymentFr. Accelerated Math honors, Geometry A honors0866099654
    Algebra 1Algebra 1-B9790030358271
    Algebra 2 Algebra 2-B 9780618887651 
     Intermediate Algebra: with ApplicationsAlgebra 2-C 9780618306169 
    Algebra and Trigonometry Algebra 2/Trig A honors 9780470222737 
    College Algebra 10th edition College Algebra 9780321499134 
    GeometryGeometry B9780030358289
    Geometry: Concepts and SkillsGeometry C9780618087587
    Practice of Statistics 4th editionAP Statistics9781429245593
    TrigonometryTrigonometry B9780321085993
    Elementary Statistics 5th editionProbability and Statistics9780132116527
    Descrete Math Through Applications 3rd editionFinite Mathematics, Advanced Math Topics9780716700005
     Linear Algebra 4th edition Precalculus B 9780131356948
    Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, AlgebraicAccelerated Precalculus9780132776504
    Calculus of a Single VariableAP Calculus AB, BC9780618503048
    Linear Algebra 4th edition- Gilbert StrangAdvanced Math Topics9780980232714
    Multivariable CalculusAdvanced Math Topics9780618503025
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students  
    P.E. and Life Skills
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    The Developing Child Child Development 9780078883606 
     Drive Right 11th editionDrivers Education 9780393976526 
    Health- GlencoeHealth Education9780078726545
    Child Care Professional Pre-School 1 9780026428781 
    HeartSaver CPRSophmore PE II9781616690588
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students  
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Biology APAP Biology9780805300093
    Human Anatomy and Physiology 8th editionHuman Biology honors9780131363526
    Biology- Glencoe*Biology9780078759864
     Chemistry- Prentice Hall* Chemistry9780132512107 
     Chemistry: Matter and ChangeChemistry honors 9780078664182 
     Chemistry- Zumdahl AP Chemistry9780618528448 
    Earth Science*
    Earth Science
     Living in The Environment*
    AP Environmental Science 
    Introduction to Horticulture*
    Horticulture Science 1
    Physics: A First Course*
    College PhysicsPhysics honors9780080089419
     College Physics A Strategic Approach 3E*AP Physics   
    College Physics- Pearson
    AP Physics B
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers
    AP Physics C
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students  
    Social Studies
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Accounting Accounting 1 9780028150048 
     Financial Accounting Fundamentals Accounting 2, honors 9780073379579
     Understanding Business Advanced Business Management 1, 29780073511702 
     American Government- Magruder'sAmerican Government and Politics, honors 9780131818903 
     American Government 11 edition AP American Government and Politics 9780618955404
    Globe Fearon World History
    Global Studies  9780130239921
     World History Global Studies, honors, honors/gifted9780078745256 
     How We Survived Communism and Even LaughedAP European History 9780060975401 
    The Sunflower
    AP European History   9780805210606 
    Introduction to Business*Introduction to Business9780078258596
    Marketing Essentials*
    An Introduction to Human Geography 9th edition
    AP Human Geography
    America Pathways to the PresentUS History9780130629166
    America Past and Present 7th editionAP US History9780321243805
    Street LawLiving Law, honors9780078600197
    Psychology*Psychology 1, honors, 2, 2 honors, 2 AP9780716706212
    Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach*Sociology 1, honors9780132384643
    Economics- ColanderAP Economics9780073222974
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students  
    World Languages
    Book TitleClass and LevelISBN
    Chinese Link: Beginning Chinese Level 1 Part 1*Chinese 19780131375474
    Chinese Link: Beginning Chinese Level 1 Part 2Chinese 2, 2 honors9780131375468
     Chinese Link: Intermediate Level 2 Part 1*Chinese 3, 3 honors 9780205782796 
    Chinese Link: Intermediate Level 2 Part 2 Chinese 4, 4 honors  9780205782796 
    T'es Branche Level 2*French 2, 2 honors9780821959978
    Les Recres du Petit Nicolas*French 2 honors, 49782070577057
    Bon Voyage! 3*French 3 honors9780078606618
    Le Petit Prince*French 3 honors9782070513284
    T'es Branche Level 1*French 19780821958520
    Le Mystere des faux billets*French 39781567653167
    Imaginez 2nd Edition*French 4 honors 9781605768786 
    Contes et legendes du monde francophone*French 49780844212098
    Un billet pour le commissaire*French 49780844211046
    Un coup d'oeil*French 49780844212357
    Allons au-dela*French 5 AP9780133179538
    Le gone du Chaaba*French 5 AP9782020481700
    L'etranger*French 5 AP9782070393718
    Une fois pour toutesFrench 5 AP9780801308277
    Komm Mit! German 1   German 19780030372544
    Komm mit! German 2*German 2, 2 honors9780030372568
    Komm mit! German 3*German 3, 3 honors9780030372575
     Denk Mal!German 4, 4 honors  9781617671296
    Denk Mal!German 5 AP9780618338122
    Lingua Latina 1*Latin 19781585104239
    Lingua Latina 1 and 2*Latin 2, 2 honors97815851
     Lingua Latina 2 and Third Year Latin*Latin 3, 3 honors 9781585103140 
     Vergil' Aeneid Hardcover*   Latin 4, 4 honors, 5 honors, AP 9780865164338
      Ceasar:Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico* AP Latin9780865167520 
     Asi se Dice! 1*Spanish 1  9780078774003
    Asi se dice! 2*Spanish 2, 2 honors, 39780078777837
    Asi se dice! 3*Spanish 3 honors, 49780078777844
    Revista Title One Money* SSS 3, 3 honors 9781600070679 
    Asi se dice! 4*Spanish 4 honors9780078777851
    A toda vela!*Spanish 5 AP9780821937143
    Abriendo puertas*Spanish 5 AP9780618222063
    Imagina*Spanish 5 honors9781600070679
    Temas Title One Money*AP Spanish SSS  9781618572226
     * Class Set Only. Not Issued to Students