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    Junior/Senior Inquiry Project: 21st Century Skills Integration

     Desired Results

    Established Goals: Students will be able to research contemporary and prevalent topics and utilize library resources, as well as develop essential questions.

    Enduring Understandings:

    Students will understand that…
    • the use of keywords are an essential part of researching.
    • the use of appropriate online sources, ie. electronic databases and advanced Google resources (website evaluation) are a rich source of knowledge.
    • collaboration with others using multimedia technology broadens and deepens understanding. Googledocs can also be used to assist student groups with student/student collaboration.
    • Turnitin is a teaching tool used to increase paraphrasing skills and to deter "copy and paste" papers

    Essential Questions:

    • What sources can I use to produce the most relevant results?
    • How can I effectively paraphrase important information I find? 
    • What are social problems? Who works to solve these problems?

    Essential Vocabulary:  Key words and essential question expansion skills


    Resultant Knowledge:

    Students will know…

    • Each chosen topic area and vocabulary terms
    • How to paraphrase and develop important ideas 
    • Evaluate websites for relevant information
    • Develop essential questions
    • Recognize copyright, creative commons,etc
    • Deepen understanding of database use
    • Deepen understanding of NoodleTools: piles, tags, linking, outlining, notecards, citations

    Resultant Skills:

    Students will be able to…

    • Utilize databases effectively, as well as, online resources
    • Use research skills to find out about their chosen topic
    • Express their findings orally and in writing
    • Use Turnitin as a learning tool
    • Learn to work collaboratively with others
    • Use online citation tools (NoodleTools)
    • Effectively use multi-media in a collaborative project.
    • Show mastery of technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry

     Assessment Evidence

    Performance Tasks:

    • 20 Notecards from 5 sources 
    • Written research paper
    • Produce a collaborative multi-media collaborative project.

    Other Evidence:

    • Oral and/or written response to the Essential Questions
    • Written website evaluation