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Board Priorities

Every fall the Board of Education establishes its priorities for the upcoming school year. The Board Priorities for the 2022-23 school year correlate with the district's strategic priorities that were created during the Framework 220 strategic planning process. 


Empower students to take ownership of their learning by building meaningful and challenging experiences. Focus on learning acceleration to foster strong academic and personal success skills. Ensure experiences are relevant to student interests, passions, strengths, skills, and abilities.


Engage students in innovative, real-world learning experiences that are not confined by time or location in order to develop global awareness and prepare them for any post-secondary path.


Embrace and celebrate diversity. Refine and build educational systems from pre-kindergarten through post-high school transition that serve the breadth and
depth of our student community. Ensure all learners have equitable access to a high-quality education to achieve their potential.


Foster a safe, secure, and supportive environment, while promoting and creating conditions for balance in support of personal wellness and mental health.


Cultivate and maintain strong partnerships among school district, parents/guardians, and community stakeholders through connection, collaboration, and transparent communication.


Continue to be good stewards of resources by maintaining fiscal responsibility and promoting ecological sustainability. Recruit, hire, and maintain a diverse, high-quality staff. Care for, protect, and respect a physical environment that inspires learning and connects the school with the community.