Innovation in Barrington 220

  • Business Incubator

    Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the Business Incubator course was started at Barrington High School in the 2013-14 school year. The innovative class teaches entrepreneurship to high school sophomores through seniors and has gained attention from school districts and media outlets nationwide. Learn more here.

  • BHS-TV

    The BHS-TV program at Barrington High School is training students to become top-of-the-line filmmakers. With dozens of local and national awards to its name, BHS-TV has made a name for itself among high school video production courses. Watch the productions here.
  • One-to-World

    Barrington 220's One-to-World program ensures each student has one-to-one access to technology. Still in the early phases of implementation, the program has seen great success among students and staff. Learn more here.

  • Concept Classrooms

    Three new "concept classrooms" were unveiled at Barrington High School in the spring 2015 semester. The modern spaces allow for better student collaboration and more effective teaching strategies. Thank you to the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation for funding the project. 

  • Lemonade Day

    Barrington 220 is the first school district in Illinois to pilot Google for Entrepreneurs "Lemonade Day" curriculum. Several fifth grade classrooms took on the challenge this spring. The students learned the basics of starting a business, and even had to find an investor to fund their companies. Overall, the students raised more than $2,000 selling their products.