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Continue to be good stewards of resources by maintaining fiscal responsibility and promoting ecological sustainability.
Care for, protect, and respect a physical environment that inspires learning and connects the school with the community.


In alignment with other strategic priorities, maintain, and develop facilities/infrastructure for present and future needs to empower learning.

Environmental Sustainability

Develop and implement the district’s plan for sustainability to be good stewards of environmental resources, including sustainable activities.

Programmatic Assessment & Evaluation

Develop a district-wide process/timeline to support the ongoing review of programs, operations, and the use of state/federal grants, with a focus on financial stability, alignment with strategic priorities, communication, and transparency.

Fine Arts Center

Create a plan for improving the high school’s fine, visual, and performing arts facilities. Develop options for the Board of Education to fund the implementation.

Safety Resources

Continue to allocate resources to support a comprehensive safety program. Create an evaluation process to ensure the program’s effectiveness.

Financial Stability

Provide a framework for financial stability to ensure appropriate resources are available for long-term support of the district’s mission and strategic priorities.