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personalized learning
Empower students to take ownership of their learning by building meaningful and challenging experiences.
Focus on learning acceleration to foster strong academic and personal success skills.
Ensure experiences are relevant to student interests, passions, strengths, skills, and abilities.

Learner Agency & Pathways

Create opportunities and experiences for all learners to pursue individualized pathways to explore their interests and passions; provide well-rounded educational opportunities to develop skills that increase student agency, preparing them to make future career, college, and life decisions.

Academic & Personal Success Skills

Continue the development and implementation of academic and personal success skills as they relate to learning progressions, rubrics, and learning experiences. Work will honor learner choices, interests, and passions.

Flexible Learning

Research best practices in flexible learning and formulate recommendations as they relate to the use of time, space, pace, and path at all levels, from pre-school through post-graduation transition.

Individualized Pathways

Implement professional learning opportunities for staff, in order to gain a broader understanding of structures and teaching practices that allow students to explore individualized educational pathways and empower their own learning.

Early Childhood & Kindergarten Opportunities

Consider the addition of an increase in early childhood education opportunities for district students, including but not limited to implementing a full-day kindergarten program, while addressing cost implications through careful staffing and facility utilization planning.