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inclusive education
Embrace and celebrate diversity. Recruit, hire, and maintain a diverse, high-quality staff.
Refine and build educational systems from pre-kindergarten through post-high
school transition that serve the breadth and depth of our student community.
Ensure all learners have equitable access to a high-quality education to achieve their potential.


Provide all students access to academic and co-curricular programs and experiences pre-kindergarten through post-high school transition while reviewing barriers to participation; allow students personal choice in their involvement in extracurricular activities

Embracing Diversity

Develop a process to gather input from stakeholders of diverse backgrounds. Using a lens of equity, incorporate input into the development and review of district practices and programs.

Hiring Practices

Develop an ongoing process to recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse staff that mirrors our student demographics; develop partnerships with colleges and universities to incorporate a ‘Grow-Your-Own’ program.

Professional Development

Continue the development and implementation of a plan for large-scale professional development for all stakeholder groups focused on inclusive education and culturally responsive teaching practices (e.g., revised Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching).