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future readiness
Engage students in innovative, real-world learning experiences that are not confined by time or
location in order to develop global awareness and prepare them for any post-secondary path.

Authentic Learning

Create and expand authentic learning opportunities for all learners to provide innovative and real-world learning experiences through initiatives that promote career readiness, career exploration, problem-based learning, and experiential learning.

Global Awareness

Design opportunities for students to develop global awareness, cultural competence, cultural appreciation, understanding of world issues, and global citizenship through experiences (e.g., travel or exchange programs, overseas placements, language instruction, and intercultural activities) so that all learners can interact effectively with the world.

Career Pathways

Evaluate, build, and implement career pathways that include work-based learning opportunities based on student interest, labor market data, and local industry support in order to prepare all learners for an ever-changing world.

Life-Skill Development

Develop and implement life-skill learning opportunities (e.g., communication, financial literacy, nutrition, stress management, self-care, cooking, continued education, and executive functioning skills) to continue developing well-rounded students.