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framework 220


During the 2021-22 school year, more than 4,000 district stakeholders engaged in our strategic planning process called Framework 220, ultimately helping to create a Mission, Core Beliefs, Learner Profile and Strategic Priorities for the district. 

During the 2022-23 school year, the district will create a design team for each of the six strategic priorities. Each design team will be made up of approximately a dozen staff members from the District Leadership Team. These teams will establish goals and measurable action steps under each priority, and seek community feedback, in order to determine what the district will focus on over the next few years. 

Barrington 220’s last strategic plan, “Vision 2020” was a 10 year plan created in 2009, which began as a vision of the year 2020, when the kindergartners of 2008 would enter their graduating year at Barrington High School. Key strategic values that arose from the plan include: global connections, innovative technology, individualized learning, healthy & environmentally sustainable schools, optimal time for learning, and social & emotional learning. 

2022-23 Timeline

  • September 2022: Present an overview of the action planning process to the Board of Education
  • October & November 2022: Develop design team process, timeline and expectations, and train design team leaders
  • December 2022: Update all staff members on progress and report from each design team providing an update and opportunity for improvement
  • January 2023: Provide update at Board of Education meeting
  • February & March 2023: Design teams continue their work
  • April 2023: Community feedback 
  • June 2023: Presentation and recommendation for Board of Education approval