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The full-day Kindergarten Lab Program at Barrington High School offers a one-of-a-kind educational experience for our youngest learners, as well as our high school students who plan to work in the field of education. 

The "K-Lab" includes two classes (46 students total) situated inside specially created kindergarten classroom spaces on the high school campus. Thanks to its location at BHS, students enrolled in the K-Lab Program can engage in unique experiential learning opportunities throughout their school day.

Unique Opportunities

Some of these opportunities include horticulture activities inside the BHS greenhouse, authentic learning experiences inside the new state-of-the-art culinary arts lab, musical instrument exploration with high school band and orchestra students, and cultural celebrations with BHS world language students. 

As the first program of its kind in the state, the K-Lab students will also have the opportunity to learn from supervised and supported high school mentors. This will range from support in developing core skills with personalized instruction to hands-on experiences. 

Selection Process

K-Lab students are enrolled in the program utilizing a lottery system. Upon completion of their kindergarten school year, K-Lab students will complete grades 1-5 at their home elementary school.

Home School Connection

K-Lab students will form connections to their home school during their kindergarten year at BHS. They will be invited to participate in extra-curricular and PTO events at their home school throughout the year.  

Photo of girl in class


Dr. Becky Gill 
Director of Elementary Education