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E-Learning Days

Thanks to Barrington 220’s One to World Program which provides iPad devices and an array of digital instructional tools, the district is able to implement e-learning days when necessary to extend learning beyond the classroom. These days count as a full school day, where students actively engage in learning activities from home. Teachers prepare lessons for students and are available to assist students throughout the day. This eliminates the need to make up the school day at the end of the year. 

  • Early Childhood through 5th grade: students will have access to their assignments through their teacher’s usual electronic communication method of See-Saw or Schoology, and/or will follow their IEP eLearning plan. Additionally, kindergarten through 5th-grade students will receive assignments for specials (art, music, physical education, library, and STEM) that they would typically have for the day from their specials teachers. 
  • Grades 6-12+: Students will have access to their assignments through the normal electronic method of Schoology and/or will follow their IEP e-learning plan. They should have an assignment/learning experience for each class.

If for some reason a student cannot complete their assigned work on the e-learning day, the student will have five school days to complete it and receive additional assistance from their teacher as needed.