BMS Station

    Welcome to Station Middle School PTO

     Station Middle School PTO joins together with parents, teachers, and administrators to:
    • Provide students with social events and activities.
    • Provide teachers educational materials (such as summer reading books for all students)
    • Host teacher appreciation events (such as food for conferences).
    • Help the school and administration provide extra amenities for the school through "No Stress" Fundraising (such as student learning areas around the school, green screens, horseshoe seating in the lobby, etc.).
    Many PTO events and activities rely on your generous donation. We THANK YOU for your continued support. To make a donation, you can visit:
    • Infinite Campus (student fees-shop-PTO).  
    • Shop on Amazon Smile. They donate .5% of your order if you select Station PTO.  
    • Sign up for a free Heinen's card or renew yours (requires renewal every year) and they will donate a portion of your purchase to the Station PTO

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  • Library/Media Center Renovation Continues

    Phase Two: Entails replacing all the bookcases in the library to free up more usable space in the library.

    In 2019-2020 we are funding for 11 new Bookshelves on the North Wall. Each bookcase will have 6 shelves which increases our current storage space. Our Fundraising Goal is $6,000-COMPLETE! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED. That was the first step of the Phase Two Renovation. We continue this project with the East Wall and West Wall bookcases. The projected cost for the East and West wall is approximately $8,000. 

    Phase Three: Entails upgrading the remaining furniture pieces in the library, specifics are yet to be decided.

    To see the layout for the modernized library click here.

    In 2018-2019 the PTO funded and matched funds to purchase new flexible seating, presentation desk and ottomon for the library.

    In 2016-2018 The PTO raised and matched funds to upgrade Kelly Bayman's classroom with flexible seating.

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