• Bus Conduct Policy

    School bus riders, while in transit, are under the jurisdiction of the school bus driver. All students may be assigned seats. Seating changes may be made by drivers and administrators if necessary. Problems with conduct will be handled as follows:

    1. If the student's behavior is objectionable, the driver will intervene to stop the behavior. (See bus rules)

    2. Should objectionable behavior occur again, the driver will complete a conduct report and send it to the Assistant Principal, who will address the incident and assign appropriate consequences.

    3. A third infraction of regulations or any single major infraction may bring about denial of bus services for a designated period of time. A disciplinary report will be sent home to confirm this action. A parent conference may be convened if it is felt necessary.

    4. Further infractions will result in longer or total denial of bus services.

    If the conduct problem is initially extreme, then steps l and/or 2 may be passed over.

    Electronic Recordings on School Busses

    Electronic visual and audio recordings may be used on school buses to monitor conduct and to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and employees when transportation is provided for any school related activity.

    Bus Rules

    Following are the transportation rules for pupils. Parents and students are responsible for the behavior of pupils on school buses. If a child's behavior is not acceptable, the privilege of riding the bus may be withdrawn, and it becomes the responsibility of the parent to transport the child. Parents are requested to read these rules and to discuss them carefully with the children. Most of the buses are loaded to legal capacity. Only those students eligible for regular transportation are permitted to ride the bus. Parents may request permission for their student to ride another bus for school purposes or if students need to stay at another home due to parents being out of town, if the request is in writing and given to the Assistant Principal prior to the student's second period class. Permission is usually granted if there is available seating on the bus and there has been no previous bus behavior concerns with that student.

    • Students who have to cross the road to be picked up should look carefully in all directions from which traffic may come before crossing.

    • Students who have to walk some distance to meet a bus should walk on the side of the road facing the traffic. While waiting for the bus, they should not stand or play on the highway.

    • Students should not extend their hands, arms, head or bodies through the bus window.

    • Windows in the school bus will not be lowered beyond the safety mark.

    • While being transported to and from school, students must know they are under the authority of the school bus driver. Refusal to obey rules will, of necessity, be reported to school officials.

    • Students must be on time for the bus both morning and evening.

    • Students must not make an attempt to get on or off the bus while it is in motion. If necessary, the students must occupy seats assigned by school officials or the bus driver.

    • Students must not leave the bus on the way to or from school/home without the written request of student's parent and the approval of one of the administrators.

    • Students may converse in normal tones, but loud or profane language is prohibited. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.

    • Students should be courteous at all times to the driver, to fellow students, and to all persons along the route.

    • Glass containers, live animals, and other objects which might prove hazardous may not be carried on the school buses.

    Activity Buses

    Students who ride the activity bus need to follow the same bus procedures and rules as they would on the regular bus. However, students must have an activity bus pass, filled out legibly, prior to boarding an activity bus. Also, student misconduct while riding an activity bus may result in loss of activity bus privileges. Activity buses run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 4:20pm. Activity bus EXCEPTION: there will be no activity bus the day before fall, winter and spring breaks.

    After School Activities

    Students who are in the building after school must be there for a specific activity and should have a ride pre-arranged prior to staying after school. Due to the different physical layouts and locations of the two middle schools, directions pertaining to after school activities will be reviewed during orientation. Students failing to comply with these guidelines will lose the privilege of staying after school for a designated period of time. Students may not leave the building after school and return to take the activity bus home. Students who are staying after school are expected to be checked in and supervised by their teacher/coach/sponsor/ no later than 3:00 p.m.