flash driveSaving your Work between Home and School

    At school, students are often reminded to save their computer assignments to their "P" drive on the school's network server, which is backed up daily. The "P" drive can not be accessed from home, so if a student needs to work on the computer assignment at home, they need to copy the file(s) onto a jump drive.

    When students work on assignments on their home computers, this can sometimes present challenges due to hardware or software incompatibility between school andhome computers. Therefore, files from a student's home computer need to be saved in a format that will be compatible for use at school. At Prairie we use Microsoft Office 2003. When students work at home they may be using a program with a different file format, such as Office 2007, Apple iWorks, or Open Office. To guarantee these various file formats can be opened at school, be sure to "SAVE AS" or export the file for compatibility with Office 2003.
    Media Projects
    If creating a video project at home, students are reminded that Prairie is on a PC platform and projects created on a MAC or with other video editing software need to be saved as a .mov, .avi, .wmv, .vlc, .mp4, .m4v, .flv, .divX  or .mp3 for audio.