Academic Support

  • Barrington Middle School-Prairie offers a variety of activities throughout the school year. We highly encourage all students to enrich their middle school experience by participating in extracurricular activities. The aim of our co-curricular program is to provide school related, age appropriate activities as an extension of the curricular program. We believe there are valuable lessons to be learned through well supervised and well organized competitive and noncompetitive school related activities. These activities extend classroom learning, help students build positive connections with peers, and form healthy relationships with adult role models who serve as sponsors and coaches.
    Sponsor(s) Meeting Participation
    Room Months of
    F.L.A.G.S. Chad Glinski Tues./Thurs. 3:55-5:00pm 6th Gr. only
    Teacher Rec.
    103 Sept.-May
    Guided Study Shirley Ortiz Tues./Thurs. 3:55-5:00pm 7/8th Gr.
    Teacher Rec.
    301 Sept.-May
    Math Drop-in Ashley Sword
    Bryan Becker
    Margie Lymperis
    Mrs Wessman
    M, T, Th, Fri. 8:20-8:50am All students
    504, 102,201, 405
    All Year
    L.U.N.C.H. Megan Twadell - 6th
    Anne Schmitt - 7th
    Anna Ten Hoven - 8th
    Mon.-Fri. during lunch Teacher Rec. 6th-207
    All Year
    Media Center Sandee Kramer
    Alicia Sandoval
    Melba Campos
    M,T,Th,Fri 8:30-8:50am
    M,T,Th 3:50-5:00pm
    All students LMC All Year