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Prairie WL 8th grade Genius Project 2014-2015

  • Please watch the video that our 2014-2015 8th grade students created for our genius project. 100% of the music is created by our students. We are very proud of our efforts. The students did a fantastic job recreating The Cup Song video in the five languages that we have at BMS - Prairie Campus: French, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and German.

Watch the video below to see how fluent you can become in your world language if you continue through AP at Barrington High School.

  • Middle School World Language Program Philosophy                     

    in Barrington 220                     

    Our program presents:

    • a positive and age-appropriate experience in a second language at the novice level

    • a communicative and multi-sensory approach to second language acquisition, with clear expectations for all learners

    • a modern approach to language acquisition integrating technology with traditional means

    • exposure to level-appropriate authentic language and materials

    • scaffolding within a solid framework of curriculum that supports the ways middle school students learn

    • instruction that meets the social-emotional needs of middle school age students

    • a safe learning environment in which students can challenge their potential

    • a variety of ongoing assessments to demonstrate the students’ understanding of the language

    • self-evaluation opportunities that enable students to personally monitor and improve their performance and achieve their goals of learning another language

    • a path to becoming culturally literate and heighten cultural awareness

    • a cohesive vertical alignment with the high school