Family Engagement

family engagement
  • Family engagement is essential to the overall success of students achieving excellence. Research shows that when families are continuously engaged in their children’s learning, they can positively impact their child’s academic achievement. Barrington 220 values meaningful partnerships in which there is mutual trust, respect, shared responsibility and support in the student’s learning.

    One of the many ways you can engage if you have your student(s) in a bilingual program is joining the BPAC Committee.

    Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)

    What is BPAC?

    BPAC is the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee required for public school districts that offer transitional bilingual programs and/or transitional programs of instruction to multilingual learners. The committee meets at least four times per year. The committee consists of bilingual program parents and/or guardians, school personnel and community leaders.

    Upcoming BPAC Meeting:

    Spanish BPAC Workshop: Cómo desarrollar hijos resilientes 
    November 19th at Sunny Hill Elementary School, 6-8 pm

spanish flyer
  • Contact

    Ruth Estrada 
    District Family School Liaison
    P: 847.842.3565

    Michelle Garcia
    BHS Family School Liaison
    P: 224.842.1524
    Alejandra Acosta Liendo
    ELC Parent Coordinator/Translator

    Meet the BPAC Team

    BPAC District Members

    • Becky Wiegel - Director of District Programs
    • Ruth Estrada - District Family School Liaison
    • Michelle Garcia - BHS Family School Liaison
    • Alejandra Acosta Liendo - ELC Parent Coordinator

    BPAC Leaders

    • Tania Acevedo – President
    • Laura Ornelas – Vice President
    • Karina Aguilar – Secretary
    • Vicky Rivera – Co – Secretary
    • Maria Azdar – Council
    • Margarita Guerrero – Council
    • Antonia Marquez – Council
    • Bertha Montalvo – Council
    • Melchor Nevarez – Council
    • Maria Paredes – Council
    • Araceli Sanchez – Council
    • Marta Sarmiento – Council
    • Graciela Vences – Council