• As of today, Barrington 220 plans to remain in Distance Learning mode until at least Friday, October 16. 

    At the Sept. 15 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Harris shared a presentation on the metrics which will be used to determine when large groups of students can return to in-person learning. Based on recommendations from a district committee which consulted with medical and public health professionals, Barrington 220 will use five metrics. Each metric will help determine which of the above four steps the district is currently in. The five metrics include the following:

    In order to determine the district’s current step, all metrics must be met for a minimum of 10 days, following the trends over that period of time. 

    • Example 1: All metrics are in Step 3 for 10 days: the district is in Step 3
    • Example 2: Most metrics are in Step 3 for 10 days, except for one metric in Step 2: the district is in Step 2

    The metrics status will be updated every week on Monday afternoon. You will be able to view the updated metrics by visiting this dedicated webpage. Keep in mind, all families will receive notice well in advance of any shift in steps.


    • Sept. 15-Oct. 6: Finalize Hybrid Plan for each level.

    • Oct. 6 Board meeting: share district's metric status and Hybrid plans

    • Oct. 7-Oct. 20:
      • Conduct family survey (choose Distance Learning or Hybrid)
      • Resolve operational and staffing issues
    • Oct. 20 Board meeting: verify metrics 

    • Oct. 26: "Target" Hybrid start date for all levels

    *Please note, this timeline may be accelerated if possible.

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Tech Support

  • Technology support is available for Barrington 220 students and staff on district devices and systems. In-school technology support is available in each school’s library. Students and staff can also call Barrington 220 Tech Support at 224-655-1500. Support is available on school days from 8:00 AM–4:30 PM.

Meal Delivery

  • On Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Barrington 220 began providing meal delivery service to families on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please read the FAQs below to learn more about who is eligible and how the delivery process will work. If you have questions, please contact Yazmin Aceves at (847) 842-3534 or yaceves@barrington220.org

  • Who is eligible to receive meals from Barrington 220?

  • How do I sign up for meal delivery service during 20-21 Distance Learning, starting September 1, 2020?

  • When will meals be delivered during Distance Learning?

Visitor Protocols

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