BHS Clubs and Activities

  • If your BTP student is interested in being involved in any of these clubs, please reach out to your student’s case manager and they can help connect you with the sponsor.

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    Amnesty International Amnesty International is an international human rights organization that advocates on behalf of people around the world that are imprisoned or being threatened for exercising their right to free speech. We advocate for people that are facing the death penalty or cruel punishments. We advocate for women's rights and the rights of minority populations around the globe that face discrimination. One of our principle means of advocacy is letter writing to foreign governments. If you want to join thousands of people around the globe and shine a light on injustice, come join us every Monday after school in E-357. 
    Anglers' Club  Learn more about fishing, participate in fishing field trips and some IHSA fishing competitions
    Anime (Otaku) Club

    Janet Anderson 

     Anime enthusiasts discuss common interests and research deeper into Japanese culture
    Band BHS Class - must be on student's schedule
    Barrington Buddies General School population help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities become friends with other BHS students and participate in monthly activities.
    BHS TV Club
    Jeff Doles
     Work on video projects for Barrington District 220 with filming and editing. 
    Big Red Club Promotes school spirit among students and staff.
    (Dance Team)   

    Tryouts and athletic participation forms required
    Broncos Committed

    Broncos Committed is not a club - it's a lifestyle that raises the bar of excellence for both the athlete and the non-athlete. It asks BHS students to commit to a 100% drug and alcohol free lifestyle, and it provides scientific rationale for all things related to optimal performance. Broncos Committed is every bit as much about character and not only committing to one's own excellence, but to one's team, school, and town.
    Ceramics Club

    Jason Burke

    Ceramics club is for any student that wants to try out working with clay. Our student leaders will guide the club through several projects that usually last one or two meetings each. They will also demonstrate glazing, wheel throwing, and a variety of other techniques related to clay.
    Cheerleading Laura Meehan Try out and athletic participation forms required
    Chess Club  Practice and competition chess meets.
    Chinese Club

    Melanie Stumpf

    Students explore Chinese culture to enhance their classroom learning.
    Chinese Honor Society 
     Invite Only
    Code Red Club

    Laura Behnen

     A leadership club designed to improve the school and community through fundraisers and volunteering
     Color Guard Dana Susmaras   
    Cooking Club  TBA  
    Debate - Congressional

    Jessica Meyers 

     Tuesdays after school in E350. Students involved in Congressional Debate follow the procedures of our Senators and Representatives in Washington. They write legislation, work in committees, and debate their own bills and resolutions in the areas of foreign affairs, economics, and public welfare.  
    Debate - Lincoln Douglas

    Moira Quealy

    Mondays & Tuesdays after school in E353. Lincoln Douglas debate is a one-on-one style debate, with a focus on logic, ethics, and philosophy. Students are given a proposition, and one student will take the Affirmative position and his/her opponent will take the Negative position. 
     DECA  Eric Kuffel  
    Delta Epsilon Phi  Amy Wasil
     German Honor Society
    Dodo Club

    Alex Stevenson

    The Dodo Club of Barrington High School aims to spread awareness and provide aid for endangered animals. We work on projects and presentations to inform students about the current situations of endangered species and host exciting activities to raise funds for various charities. I hope we can work together to protect the growing number of endangered animals on our planet! Meetings every Thursday in room E369.

    Drama Club

    Paula Nowak

    Drumline  BHS Class - must be on student's schedule
    Earth Council

    Caroline Milne

    Erin Tantillo

    Participate in earth friendly projects at B. H. S.  
    Engineering Club Chris Ytzen The engineering club is a student-run organization that encourages its members to form teams and collaborate to solve real world problems while utilizing the engineering design process. Students may enter design and 3-D modeling competitions, explore 3D design, 3D printing, and arduinos, The primary goal of the club is for students to find practical application of skills learned in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math classes to solve problems outside the classroom.
    Erika's Lighthouse       Amy Winkelman
    Promotes mental health awareness and early identification of teen depression to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.  
    Esports Team

    Ben Bruce 

    Matthew Benoit

    Compete in IHSA sanctioned tournaments, help broadcast our official matches on Twitch, or just hang out with other students who have a passion for esports! Current IHSA supported games: League of Legends
    Fashion Club  Sewing for community service projects and the student's personal projects.
    This club focuses on how athletes can enhance teamwork while applying integrity & excellence on a daily basis. 
    French Club French Club celebrates and explores the French language and Francophone cultures with films, food, and games several times per month. We also put together events and displays for National French Week (November).
    Freshman Class Board

    Joan Bell

    Jill Fearday

     Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects
    Future Doctors of America

    Shannon Feineis

     For students who desire to enter the medical/health care field. To learn about various careers and raise awareness of current medical issues
    Gamers Club
     Cindy Guerrero
    We're of group of guys and girls who enjoy competitive video gaming. We encourage others to attend who are interested in playing games such as: Street Fighters 2, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros and more. 
    Bring your own controller or console. Stay connected with your friends or meet new friends in a safe, welcoming environment.
    We meet every Friday after school in the Health Room--N923. Passes for the 4:45pm late bus are provided.
     Gay Straight Alliance  GSA Club
    Our mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action, and advocacy. We believe that schools can be truly safe ONLY when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment or violence.
    Spreading the message that everyone should feel accepted and feel like they belong. We want to promote global acceptance, and we hope to inspire other schools and universities to do the same. Fun group hangouts, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities for GiGi's Playhouse are what's available!
    German Club  Learn more about German culture and heritage, celebrate Oktoberfest with a grill party.
     Girl Effect Our mission is to empower girls, women, and children locally and globally through access to education. We meet once-a-month before school in the Counseling Resource Center.
    Gir1 C0de Club  Fun, Helpful community build to encourage women to explore Computer Science and other STEM fields. Peer help, team building, food, speakers and field trips. No experience required.
    Go Beyond Barrington

    Nick Yeager

    Go Beyond Barrington 
    Graphic Design Club
    Joe Zimka

    A design and production club making everything from logos to t-shirts for clubs, sports, organizations, students, and community members

    Ignition Rocketry Club This club is dedicated to endeavors in aeronautics-whether that be through rocketry or any other form. Meeting in the mornings, members engage in designing and constructing rockets and other apparatuses
     Making a positive difference through Community Service and Leadership Opportunities
    into.CS Club  Computer Science projects and activities
    Junior Class Board  Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects
    Key Club - Kiwanis Service Org.

     Kung Fu Club     
    Latin Academic Club Toga Bowl, Fall Festivus, IJCL Convention, NJCL Convention - all students are welcome, knowledge of language is encouraged, but not required.
    Latin American New Roots Dance Club

    Nora Carranza

     Latin American Folk Dance Group
    Latino Leadership

    Students participate in Homecoming Parade, Hispanic Cultural Celebrations, and a community service project. All students are welcome, it is a great way to learn about the Hispanic Culture
    Library Student Board Jennifer Walsh Library advocates meeting to promote BHS library services and support the needs of the library.
    Lifeguarding Mark Markewell American Red Cross entry level course providing participants with knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies. Course include training in Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED usage.
    Lunch Buddies
    Liz Robbins
     Help our BHS buddy students get connected and feel included with the social scene at BHS.  Spend one lunch a week with your assigned buddy. 
    Math Team 
     Competes in the North Suburban Math League.
    Model United Nations Club

    Eric Kuffel

    Multicultural Club  Explores various cultures with dance, food, and facts.
    Muslim Students' Association This club promotes the culture of Islam while touching upon common issues and topics a Muslim today may deal with. The club participates in fundraisers, volunteering, and events that help the community.
    National Honor Society Laura Turngren

    Invite Only
    Nerdly Birds

    Stephanie McKay

     Improve school climate with random acts of kindness.
    Nuance Literary Magazine

     Nuance is both a club and a school publication. Staff members compile literature and art across multiple disciplines and review these submissions throughout the year. During the spring, we design and print a publication featuring student art and writing. All BHS students are eligible to submit work (including staff members) and be part of our staff! 
     A BHS performing dance company at school events and workshops 

    Clark Sheldon

    BHS Class - must be student's schedule
    Reality Club      

      Amy Winkelman

     Club for students who choose a drug and alcohol free path in high school and want to meet others who have made the same choice
    ROAR Club Jessica Surprenant  The goal of ROAR is to create memorable high school experiences for students with disabilities and typical peers.
    Robotics Club  Teams design, build and program robots to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge
    Round-Up Newspaper/Journalism  Journalism Class 8th hour
    Scholastic Bowl  Practice once a week and compete in meets and tournaments with other high schools.
    Science Olympiad 

     Students prepare and compete in science competitions.

    Senior Class Board

     Class committee that plans and implements class service projects, homecoming activities, football concessions, Disco Dance, Prom, and Graduation.
    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica  Spanish Honor Society - Invite Only
    Sophomore Class Board  Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects.
    Soul Buddies  Soul Harbour Ranch
    Speech Team

     Practice once a week and compete in meets and tournaments with other high schools.
    String Ensemble Club  
    Student Council Student representatives of B.H.S. that lead and organize community and school events.
    Ultimate Frisbee Club Osman Donate 

    This is a diverse co-ed club where students love to participate, play, compete and enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. All students that join the team are very passionate about the sport and really enjoy the experiences that Ultimate Frisbee offers. No previous experience is required and everyone is welcome to join us! We start the season in mid-April (weather permitting). Practice is on Tuesdays although most players meet more than once throughout the week to practice and have a great time. League games are on Wednesdays from 4:30 PM to 7:15 PM at the Stuart Sports Complex in Montgomery, IL. On Wednesdays the bus leaves promptly at 3:30 PM.

    For more information about this fun club please contact Osman Doñate, the sponsor/coach for the Ultimate Frisbee Club".


    Stephanie McKay

    UNICEF Club raises money and volunteers at various places like Feed my Starving Children to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path in over 190 countries. We advocate for measures to give children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future.   

    Janet Anderson

    Students participating in Unsilence work to break taboos and lifts voices to illuminate stories of human rights against injustice. Our club creates empowering learning experiences for youth to spark dialogue, support critical thinking, and build empathy to inspire healing and social change.

    Scott Steib

    World Language Honor Societies

    See World Language Honor Societies - Invite Only
    Writer's Block Group  Rob Baker
    Students meet to write, exchange ideas about writing and to critique each other's writings.
    WYSE (World Youth Science/Engineering)

     Academic Competition Team, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, sponsored by U of I

    Tessa Rife

    Students must be enrolled in Photojournalism class to be on yearbook staff. If you cannot join the class but would like to contribute to the yearbook, you can do freelance photography or freelance journalism for us. Contact Tessa Rife for more information.