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    Students working on a dummy in health sciences lab.

    Health Sciences Lab
    Established 2018-2019

    The Health Sciences Lab at Barrington High school opened at the start of the 2018-19 school year. This innovative 1,660 square foot classroom mimics a hospital room and lab, complete with hospital beds, a non-functioning patient bathroom, consultation room, and live video equipment which can be used to demonstrate procedures close-up or within limited space for multiple students. Click here to learn more


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    Fresh INC
    Established 2015-2016

    All Barrington 220 5th grade students participate in the Fresh INC program. The program, which is similar to the Business Incubator course at BHS, teaches entrepreneurism and start-up business management. Students learn the basics of starting a business and pitch their idea "Shark Tank" style to find an investor to fund their idea.


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    Elementary STEM
    Established 2015-2016

    Barrington 220’s Elementary STEM program engages students in collaborative problem solving through engineering design and robotic challenges. It begins in kindergarten when students receive an introduction to programming and robots and culminates in fifth grade with the FreshINC entrepreneur experience.


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    Blended Learning
    Established 2015-2016

    Barrington 220’s Blended Learning program gives students in grades K-12 the opportunity to learn through face-to-face interaction with their teachers in a classroom and use technology to complete some work outside of class.

    blended learning

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    Mobile Apps Development
    Established 2014-2015

    The Mobile Makers Program at Barrington High School began during the 2014-15 school year, making BHS one of the first high schools in the nation to pioneer the course. Students learn to code and design apps for Apple devices.


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    One to World
    Established 2014-2015

    Barrington 220 launched its One to World program during the 2014-15 school year. The initiative provides laptops to all Barrington High School students and iPad devices to elementary and middle school students. The integration of technology allows students to have real-world learning experiences while stimulating creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.


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    Project Lead the Way
    Established 2009-2010 (BHS), 2014-2015 (BMS)

    Project Lead the Way (PLTW) gives middle and high school students a chance to see a range of STEM-related paths they can take in middle school, high school and beyond, by engaging in activities in computer science, engineering and biomedical science.


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    Business Incubator
    Established 2013-2014

    Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the Business Incubator course was started at Barrington High School in the 2013-14 school year. The innovative class teaches entrepreneurship to high school sophomores through seniors, and is now in more than 100 high schools nationwide.


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    Chinese Immersion
    Established 2010-2011

    Barrington 220’s Chinese Immersion program begins in kindergarten, where 50% of the day is instructed in Mandarin and the other 50% is instructed in English. The 50/50 model continues through 5th grade. The program teaches students to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate in Mandarin. 


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    Established 2006-2007

    The BHS-TV program at Barrington High School is training students to become top-of-the-line filmmakers and work in television news. Thanks to the hard work of the BHS-TV students and the support of the Barrington Educational Foundation, BHS-TV is one of the most successful high school video programs in the country. Students enrolled in BHS-TV have raised more than $7 million dollars for charities and have earned more than 70 Student Excellence Awards from the National Television Academy. In 2015 and 2016 President Obama invited the BHS-TV video students and their instructor, Dr. Doles, to the White House Film Festival.


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    Spanish Dual Language
    Established 2005-2006

    Barrington 220’s Spanish Dual Language teaches students to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate in Spanish. The program begins in kindergarten, where 80% of the day is instructed in Spanish and 20% is instructed in English. The classroom is made up of 24 students, half of whom are heritage Spanish speakers, while the other half are heritage English speakers. By the time students hit 3rd grade, 50% of the day is instructed in Spanish and the other 50% is instructed in English. The 50/50 model continues through 5th grade.


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