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Amnesty International John Mihevc ext 5086 Amnesty International is an international human rights organization that advocates on behalf of people around the world that are imprisoned or being threatened for exercising their right to free speech. We advocate for people that are facing the death penalty or cruel punishments. We advocate for women's rights and the rights of minority populations around the globe that face discrimination. One of our principle means of advocacy is letter writing to foreign governments. If you want to join thousands of people around the globe and shine a light on injustice, come join us every Monday after school in E-357. 
Anglers' Club  Steve Galovich  ext 5048 John Ardente    ext 5104   Learn more about fishing, participate in fishing field trips and some IHSA fishing competitions
Anime (Otaku) Club

Janet Anderson  ext.2320 

 Anime enthusiasts discuss common interests and research deeper into Japanese culture
Art Club
Stephanie Hargreaves
ext 5151
For students interested in all aspects of art.  Participate in art projects.
Autism Awareness Club Lucia Dvorak   Raise awareness of autism and information to students and staff
Randy Karon ext 3250
BHS Class

Kristen Lewis ext 5024

Help with awareness and fund-raising for Barrington area animal rescue shelters
Barrington Buddies
L. Robbins ext 6561
D. LeComte ext. 2385 
General School population help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities become friends with other BHS students and participate in monthly activities.
Big Red Club
Jill Fearday ext 3226
Promotes school spirit among students and staff.
Brother's Keeper
Ray Piagentini ext 3238
This club is dedicated to lightening the load of all peoples, splitting their focus on the Dakota People of the Crow Creek reservation in Ft. Thompson and local individuals/organizations in need.  (food and clothing pantries, homeless shelters and those on the streets of Chicago.  Students have opportunities to assist others during their weekend projects and initiatives. 
Christina Varey  ext 5015
Broncos Committed
Amy Winkelman  ext 6533
Broncos Committed is not a club - it's a lifestyle that raises the bar of excellence for both the athlete and the non-athlete. It asks BHS students to commit to a 100% drug and alcohol free lifestyle, and it provides scientific rationale for all things related to optimal performance. Broncos Committed is every bit as much about character and not only committing to one's own excellence, but to one's team, school, and town.
Business Professionals of America

Mary Peterson ext 5192
 Ellen Corcoran ext 3234

 Tomorrow's Business Professionals

 Caroline Milne ext 5102

Chess Club
Jeff Doles ext 3419
 Practice and competition chess meets.
Chinese Club

Melanie Stumpf ext 5148

Students explore Chinese culture to enhance their classroom learning.
Chinese Honor Society 
ext 5148 
Code Red Club

Laura Behnen

ext 3272 
 A leadership club designed to improve the school and community through fund-raisers and volunteering
Debate - Congressional

Jessica Meyers  ext 5090

 Practice and compete in  tournaments Sept. - March
Debate - Lincoln Douglas

Shannon Petry  ext 3269

 Practice and compete in  tournaments Sept. - March
Delta Epsilon Phi  Amy Wasil ext 3224   German Honor Society
 Donate By Design
Stephanie Hargreaves
ext 3280
This club fundraises for different causes through creataive art
Drama Club

Paula Nowak ext 3253

Kurt Weisenburger ext 5069
Earth CouncilCaroline Milne ext  3268 Participate in earth friendly projects at B. H. S.  
Erika's Lighthouse      A. Winkelman ext 6533 Promotes mental health awareness and early identification of teen depression to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.  
Experimental Plays
Paula Nowak ext 3253
Amy Jessup ext 3252
Fashion Club
Brittany Hayward 
ext. 6531 
 Sewing for community service projects and the student's personal projects.
Caleb Copeland ext 3268
Scott Steib ext 3257 

Film and TV Club

Jeff Doles ext 3419
 Work on video projects for Barrington District 220 with filming and editing.
Flags Team

L. Morton ext 5143

French Club
ext 5143
Erin Gibbons ext 5129
Participate and organize events celebrating the French language we celebrate Mardi Gras and National French Week. 
Freshman Class Board Joan Bell  ext. 3231   Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects
Future Doctors of America

Shannon Feineis ext 5114

 For students who desire to enter the medical/health care field. To learn about various careers and raise awareness of current medical issues
Generation Crossroads
Michele Grosspietsch
ext 3493
 Visits Senior Citizens. Benefit from a new friendship with games, talking and snacks.
German Club
Amy Wasil ext 5137
 Learn more about German culture and heritage, celebrate Oktoberfest with a grill party.
Gir1 C0de Club
Tom Bredemeier 
ext 5113 
 Fun, Helpful community buildt to encourage women to explore Computer Science and other STEM fields. Peer help, team building, food, speakers and field trips. No experience required
Global Impact Club Heidi Rockwell  ext 5060   
Go Beyond Barrington

Nick Yeager ext 3444

Go Beyond Barrington 
Graphic Productions Club 
Brian Mathien ext 5150

A design and production club making everything form logos to t-shirts for clubs, sports, organizations, students, and community members

 GSA Club
Ernest Lane ext 3243 
Our mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action, and advocacy. We believe that schools can be truly safe ONLY when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment or violence.
Habitat for Humanity
Michael Kedzie  ext 5116
Justin Stroh  ext 5125 
Hands of Hope Michelle Jakubowski 5016
Club members work with a women's Hands of Hope group to organize fundraisers to help women and children in Zambia and Uganda. 
I Am Somebody Club
Steve Underwood
ext 3248
Charles Wells ext 3467
African-American Cultural Club. Our goal is to share African-American culture with the BHS community through education & community service.
Interact - Rotary Service Org.
Tim Martin  ext 3237
 Making a positive difference through Community Service and Leadership Opportunities
International Thespian Society

Paula Nowak ext 3253

into.CS Club Tom Bredemeier  ext 5113   Computer Science projects and activities
Junior Class Board
Kayla Ross ext 5153
 Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects
Key Club - Kiwanis Service Org.
Jennifer Robinson ext 3203
 Kung Fu Club     
Melanie Stumpf ext 3224
Lacrosse Club - Boys
J. Kaiser ext 3221
Lacrosse Club - Girls
Susan Rich  ext 3216
Latin Academic Club Toga Bowl, Fall Festivus, IJCL Convention, NJCL Convention - all students are welcome, knowledge of language is encouraged, but not required.
Latin American "New Roots" Dance Club

Nora Carranza ext 3458

 Latin American Folk Dance Group
Latino Unidos Club Students participate in Homecoming Parade, Hispanic Cultural Celebrations, and a community service project.All students are welcome, it is a great way to learn about the Hispanic Culture
Lunch Buddy Program Liz Robbins  ext 6561   Help our BHS buddy students get connected and feel included with the social scene at BHS.  Spend one lunch a week with your assigned buddy. 
Masque & Wig Club

Paula Nowak

Math Team 
Beth MacDuff  ext 5025
 Competes in the North Suburban Math League.
Model United Nations Club

Eric Kuffel ext 5053

Multi-Cultural Club
Sophia Moraris ext 5036
 Explores various cultures with dance, food, and facts.

Robby Shellard ext 3235

Randy Karon ext 3250
Amy Jessup ext3295 
National Honor Society

Laura Turngren ext 5120

Nerdly Birds

Stephanie McKay

ext 3269 
 Improve school climate with random acts of kindness.
Nuance Literary Magazine

Stephanie Fleck ext 5095
 Nuance is both a club and a school publication. Staff members compile literature and art across multiple disciplines and review these submissions throughout the year. During the spring, we design and print a publication featuring student art and writing. All BHS students are eligible to submit work (including staff members) and be part of our staff! 
 Nancy Creswell ext 3284
 A BHS performing dance company at school events and workshops 

Clark Sheldon ext 2323

Quilt Club

Gretchen Friel ext 5082

 Students interested in learning quilting and planning individual and group quilting projects throughout the school year
Reality Club      

  Amy Winkelman ext 6533

 Club for students who choose a drug and alcohol free path in high school and want to meet others who have made the same choice
Reality Council

 Amy Winkelman ext 6533

 For Juniors and Seniors to plan activities for Reality.  Application process
Kathy Kotel
Patricia Terzich
 Janet Czarnecki
The goal of ROAR is to create memorable high school experiences for students with disabilities and typical peers.
Robotics Club
Tom Bredemeier ext 5113
Kristen Lewis  ext 5024 
 Teams design, build and program robots to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge
Round-Up Newspaper/Journalism   Laura Minerva  ext 5078
 Journalism Class 8th hr.
Scholastic Bowl
B Rohner ext 5073
 Practice once a week and compete in meets and tournaments with other high schools.

Science Club

Justin Stroh ext 5125
Science Olympiad 
 Mike Kedzie ext 5116
Justin Stroh  ext 5125
 Students prepare and compete in science competitions.

Senior Class Board

Bill Bell ext 5044
Brian Mathien ext 5150
 Class committee that plans and implements class service projects, homecoming activities, football concessions, Disco Dance, Prom, and Graduation.
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica  Maria Constenla ext 5132  Spanish Honor Society
Sophomore Class Board
Laura Turngren ext 5120
Heidi Rockwell ext 5060
 Class board that plans and implements class service projects, football concessions, homecoming activities and fund-raising projects.
Spanish Club
Sheila Soss  ext 5128
Participate in and organize events celebrating the Spanish language with cooking, dancing, and crafts.
Speech Team
Katherine Schmitt  ext. 5076
 Practice once a week and compete in meets and tournaments with other high schools.
Stage Crew
Amy Jessup ext 3252
Star Tutoring  Student tutoring other students for language classes.
Stock Market Club

Eric Kuffel ext 5053

Student Council
Angela Concha ext 5130
Lisa Nardiello ext 5140
Student representatives of B.H.S. that lead and organize community and school events.
Student Mentors
Joan Bell ext 3231
Table Tennis Club (Ping Pong)
Matt Mizanin ext 5032
Recreational Club that plays table tennis once a week
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Garrett Oberkircher 
ext. 3471
Recreational Club 
Tony Wass ext 5093
Raising awareness and financial support for children around the world with healthcare, education and nutrition.

Scott Steib ext 5007

World Language Honor Societies Marta Constenla ext 5132  See World Language Honor Societies
Writer's Block Group  Rob Baker  ext. 5089 Students meet to write, exchange ideas about writing and to critique each other's writings.
WYSE (World Youth Science/Engineering)

Vanessa Fennig ext 5122
 Academic Competition Team, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, sponsored by Uof I

Jolene Heinemann  ext 5085