Student Services Department

  • Philosophy: It is the belief of the Barrington High School Student Services Department that each student is an individual with unique needs.  There is a necessity for an acceptance of diversity and an understanding of multiple teaching and working styles when working with our students.  The Special Services Department provides a variety of supports to help our students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  
    Social-Emotional: The Barrington High School Student Services Department supports students academically, but also socially and emotionally.  The team is dedicated to servicing students to assure they feel safe in the school environment.  Social-emotional learning and health are developed through the wide array of workshops and meetings students have with Psychologists and Social Workers in the department, as well as through course offerings in Student Services.  
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    Eligibility:  The Student Services Department determines Special Education (IEP) and 504 eligibility through procedures established by Federal and Illinois state rules and regulations.  The Barrington High School Special Services Department services a variety of students with Individual Education Plans and 504 Plans.  In addition, we offer Social-Emotional support and consult to all students in our building.  
    Continuum of Services:  Our continuum of services is used to meet individual student needs, while assuring the Least Restrictive Environment is utilized.  The IEP team will make decisions to determine placement in special education courses.  
    Programs:  The Student Services Department offers a continuum of classes to meet students’ individual needs. Students may be enrolled in a mainstream schedule of courses, a special education schedule of courses, or a mixture of the two.  Each student schedule is designed to meet the individual needs of the student.


  • Instructional Program

  • Bridge Program

  • Life Skills Program

  • Inclusion Program

  • Barrington Transition Program