Science and Engineering Department

  • Mission Statement
    To develop in all students a positive attitude towards learning, a curiosity about science, and the knowledge and skills to be scientifically literate.
    Enduring Understandings
    • The use of technology enhances scientific exploration and understanding.
    • The advances in science influence society and pose ethical issues which create new responsibilities.
    • The goal of science is to explain the natural world through the analysis and interpretation of data in order to solve problems and make decisions.
    • Scientific progress and clear scientific understanding are aided by communication of evidence.
    • Systems have interrelated and interdependent components.

    Science Academic Resource

    Location: C240

    The Science Resource Center is always staffed by a BHS Science teacher.

    The Science Resource Center is a drop-in center.  Students can stop in to:

    1. Receive assistance with homework.

    2. Practice test preparation skills.

    3. Receive guided instruction due to an absence or missed lesson.

    4. Work independently on assignments knowing assistance is nearby if needed.