Life Skills Department

  • The Life Skills Department at Barrington High School is made up of four components; Physical Education, Health, Family Consumer Science and Driver Education. We believe all four components are integral cogs in the wheel that makes up a well rounded, healthy, contributing member of society.  Within the life skills program, students will develop and foster not only awareness, but an understanding of the necessary attributes of living a healthy lifestyle through exercise, proper nutrition, personal fitness, and the participation in lifetime sports/activities.  Students will understand the necessary attributes of making choices that sustain and encourage sound health physically, socially and emotionally.  Students will understand the necessary attributes to better help  them balance their personal lives and their work lives.  They will understand how to make responsible choices and the relationship positive decision making has on their day to day lives. Finally, students will become safe, skilled, knowledgeable drivers capable of becoming life long learners of the driving task. The Life Skills Department at Barrington High School strives to educate students in all of these arenas, in an effort to develop the most well rounded person possible.