National Honor Society

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  • Application Materials for Seniors


    • FALL 2020 NHS Application Packet
      (please print these out and provide to your teachers, coach/club sponsor/employer, and volunteer coordinator ASAP - directions for how they will submit their evaluation are on each form)

    • FALL 2020 Student Information and Essay
      (every student applicant must complete this form and upload an essay here)

    • FALL 2020 Recommendation Form
      (teachers, coaches, sponsors, employers, and volunteer coordinators, etc. must click here to fill out a recommendation form)

  • Make Sure Your Service Hours Count!

    Any volunteering activity which is not on the BHS list must be pre-approved to ensure that it will qualify for school credit. You must fill out a Volunteer Pre-Approval Form which will be available online or in the Guidance Resource Center. Completed forms must be returned to either the Guidance Resource Center.


  • How may I join National Honor Society?

  • When do I become an official member of National Honor Society?

  • What must I do to maintain my membership?

  • Can my NHS membership be revoked?

  • My G.P.A. is well above 3.7, admission to NHS should be no problem, right?

  • I don't know where to perform my service hours. Do you have a suggestion?

  • After I have accumulated some volunteer hours, how should I report them?

  • What kinds of projects are not acceptable for the NHS service requirement?

  • Are there any activities that NHS does as a group?