Thanks to generous donors like you, the Barrington 220 Educational Foundation has granted over $2.6 M to enhance learning over the last 15 years.
    Help make the Educational Foundation's 2016-2017 major projects become a reality!
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    2016-2017 Major Projects:
    Elementary Schools: Elementary STEM program
    The Educational Foundation will continue with its second year of a four-year commitment of up to $230,000. The recent District 220 budget cuts put the progress of this program at risk. We need your support more than ever to make the Elementary STEM initiative a reality for all elementary students!  The Foundation is continuing its support of the Elementary STEM program.
    High School: INCubatoredu@bhs
    The Foundation will complete its fourth and final year of its commitment to give $50,000 to fund the nationally recognized entrepreneurial program, INCubatoredu@bhs. This program, now being adopted by other school districts throughout the U.S., provides juniors and seniors an authentic entrepreneurial experience, which includes the opportunity to earn grants to fund their new businesses into viable enterprises.
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    How the Process Works

    The Barrington 220 Educational Foundation works with administration, staff, and community members of Barrington 220 to identify, prioritize, and ultimately fund one-time major projects that enhance the student experience; in brief, "bring more to the classroom." 

    To complement the process of identifying those projects, the Foundation also seeks ideas and input from Barrington 220 community members.  The ideas are first reviewed by District 220 administration, then reviewed and prioritized by the Projects Committee, comprised of Foundation trustees, two community members-at-large, the district superintendent, and other selected members of district administration.  
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