Barbara B. Rose Handbook

District Resources

District Policies

  • All Barrington 220 School District Board of Education Policies are currently under review and subject to change at any time.

    Chapter 1 - Introductory Information and General Notices
    General School Information
    Equal Opportunity and Sex Equity
    Animals on School Property
    School Volunteers
    Emergency School Closings
    Video and Audio Monitoring System
    Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities
    Students with Food Allergies
    Care of Students with Diabetes
    Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention

    Chapter 2 - Attendance, Promotion and Graduation
    Student Absences
    Release Time for Religious Instruction and Observance
    Make-Up Work
    Grading and Promotion
    Exemption from P.E. Requirements [K - 8 and HS]
    Home and Hospital Instruction
    Early Graduation [HS]

    Chapter 3 - Student Fees and Meal Costs
    Fees, Fines and Charges; Waiver of Student Fees
    Application for Fee Waiver
    School Lunch Program

    Chapter 4 - Transportation and Parking
    Bus Transportation
    Bus Conduct

    Chapter 5 - Health and Safety
    Immunization, Health, Eye and Dental Examination
    Student Medication
    Guidance and Counseling [HS]
    Guidance and Counseling [K-8]
    Safety Drill Procedures
    Communicable Disease
    Head Lice
    Emergency Treatment
    Health Forms and Documents

    Chapter 6 - Discipline and Conduct
    General Building Conduct
    School Dress Code and Student Appearance
    Student Discipline
    Suspension Procedures
    Expulsion Procedures
    Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment
    Sexual Harassment and Teen Dating Violence Prohibited
    Cafeteria Rules [K-8]
    Field Trips
    Access to Student Social Networking Passwords and Websites
    Student Use of Electronic Devices

    Chapter 7 - Internet, Technology and Publications
    Internet Acceptable Use
    Guidelines for Student Distribution of Non-School Publications

    Chapter 8 - Search and Seizure
    Search and Seizure

    Chapter 9 - Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities
    Extracurricular and Athletic Activities Code of Conduct
    Student-Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries

    Chapter 10 - Special Education
    Education of Children with Disabilities
    Discipline of Students with Disabilities
    Exemption From P.E. Requirement [HS]
    Certificate of High School Completion [HS]
    Access to Classroom for Special Education Observation or Evaluation

    Chapter 11 - Student Records and Privacy
    Student Privacy Protections
    Student Records
    Student Biometric Information
    Military Recruiters and Institutions of Higher Learning [HS]

    Chapter 12 - Parental Right Notifications
    Teacher Qualifications

    Standardized Testing
    Homeless Child's Right to Education
    Sex Education Instruction
    Notice to Parents on Sex Education Instruction
    Parent Involvement Compact (Title I)
    English Learners
    School Visitation Rights
    Pesticide Application Notice
    Mandated Reporter
    Unsafe School Transfer
    Sex Offender Notification Law
    Violent Offender Community Notification
    Asbestos Management Plan
    Uniform Grievance Procedure