• BMS Prairie Middle School Math Program
    Our middle school math program has 3 levels: honors, average, and what we call "B plus", which is average level math "plus" an additional 30 minutes of math time during advisory.  All courses of study are aligned with the math Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for each grade level.
    All students in 6th grade are taught using Math in Focus, which is based on the ideals of Singapore Math.  Units of study include integers, fractions, decimals, rates and ratios, equations and inequalities, the coordinate plane, geometry, and data and statistics.
    All students begin Algebra 1 in 7th grade. Half of the algebra curriculum is taught in 7th grade, and the remaining Algebra 1 curriculum is taught in 8th grade. These students then enter into geometry classes as freshmen in high school.
    The 7th grade Algebra 1 curriculum includes properties of real number, solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear functions on the coordinate plane, and some geometry. 
    The 8th grade Algebra 1 curriculum includes systems of equations, laws of exponents, quadratic functions, factoring, and radicals.
    Students in all math programs at BMS Prairie Campus are engaged in tasks to help them meet the CCSS's Standards for Mathematical Practice