• INCubatoredu
    Check out the innovative entrepreneurship program at Barrington High School, a leading example of business leaders, community and school members working together.  Schools in Colorado, California, and Pennsylvania have now joined this program. 

    Incubator course at BHS from Barrington 220 School District on Vimeo.

    Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the incubatoredu@bhs course was started at Barrington High School in the 2013-14 school year. The innovative class teaches entrepreneurship to high school sophomores through seniors and has gained attention from school districts and media outlets nationwide.
    Final business presentations are reviewed by a panel of outside business experts.  Investors can choose to invest in these new companies!
    Winning Teams  
    FMB Technology Final Presentation  
    FMB Technology
    FMB Technology is a service that allows parents and students to see where their school bus is at any time of the day.  They provide analytical and statistical data to the bus company and school district to improve efficiency of both parties.
    techwurk final presentation  
    TechWurk connects student volunteers with charities looking for website help.  They award scholarships to kids while giving organizations a chance to pay the community instead of a company.
    The Study Project  
    The Study Project
    The Study Project is a website application for online learning through a collaborative group studying format.
    Warrior Wipes  
    Warrior Wipes
    Warrior Wipes is a company that enables parents to prevent their children from harmful diseases.  Not only are these infections detrimental, but they are most common in athletics. 
    FantasTech can help anyone feel comfortable with their computer, smartphone, tablet, social media, apps, and more.  Friendly teen technology tutors come to their customers at a convenient time.