• Homecoming 2021

    A memorable time was had by all who attended the 66th Reunion of BHS Class of 1955. The “catching up” started on Friday evening with drinks and dinner at Mary Walbaum Williams’ house. Out of Towners: Edie Wegner Levin, Roland Dechert, Dick Schwemm, Wayne Premo and Ruth Mary Kerin Lyle joined the festivities. Of course, the local alums were on board, too: Julie Kenyon Bossert, Nancy
    Meehan Canafax, Judy Kensel Dioszegi, Robin Sittig Thomas, Bart Berndtson, Myrna Rice Hoeft, Phil Grinstead, Brian Donlea. A hearty bunch enjoyed being part of the parade on Saturday morning with Robin’s daughter’s yellow “ bug” and Myrna’s decorated truck. There were walkers, too, passing out candy to the excited children along the trek through town. Following the parade some went to Gary Suson’s amazing 9/11 Exhibit at BHS and some took the tour of BHS. Another highlight was the Tailgate at Chessies where the group was able to see friends from other classes. Saturday night’s dinner was at the local restaurant Moretti’s - more food and drinks and comments from Roland Dechert. The Planning Committee met to wrap-up the weekend. It was agreed that the committee had great fun getting together to make the plans, even though all of them couldn’t make the event. They missed Pat Cole Peterson and Caryl and Bud Lemke who couldn’t attend. The consensus is to gather in 2022 for their 67th. Why wait?

    Class of 1955 Contact: Mary Williams, maryww37@gmail.com