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  • Welcome to the North Barrington PTO webpage! We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting North Barrington Elementary School. Our mission is to develop a spirit and an understanding among the school administration, teachers, and parents that will secure for every child the highest advantages in the physical, mental, social, and moral education.

    Our work is a balance of service and fundraising. The NBS PTO works hard to support teachers, staff, and students with countless volunteer hours in and outside of the classroom. We also do fundraising (book fairs, social events for adults, seasonal sales, etc.), and the monies raised go to support many essentials not covered by our tax dollars. Below is a sampling of what we do and various areas YOU can get involved in. The NBS PTO:

    • Communicates our school and community news through our weekly email newsletter "The Colt" & through our PTO website
    • Maintains & teaches in our Interactive Habitat
    • Sponsors school assemblies, author visits, family events, & service events
    • Offers low cost, no stress school supplies, and also enrichment programs (Mini Courses) 
    • Provides stipends and wish list items to all Staff at NBS
    • Organizes Staff appreciation events
    • Purchases new playground equipment for NBS
    • Produces and distributes an end-of-the-school-year Yearbook
    • Equips classrooms with state of the art technologies like Smart Boards, document cameras, and electronic pencil sharpeners


    Should I join the PTO?

    Yes, definitely! It is a great way to connect with fellow NBS families and be involved with the school. We have volunteer jobs big and small that you can do from home, on your lunch break at work, or in the school / classroom. Without the help of families at NBS like yours, we would not be able to offer the array of programs and services we currently do that play such a key role in the success of our children!


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