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Spanish Dual Language


The Spanish Dual Language Program is a full-day program that teaches students to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate in Spanish. The program begins in kindergarten, where 80% of the day is instructed in Spanish and 20% in English. Parents who want their incoming kindergarten students enrolled in the program must complete an application during the application period.

Photo of Becky Wiegel


Rebecca Wiegel 
Director of Language Programs 



Full program at Roslyn


Full program at Roslyn
2025-2026 Full program at Lines
2026-2027 Full program at Lines
2027-2028 Full program at Grove
2028-2029 Full program at Grove

Selection Process

  • Spanish dominant students will be selected for the program through a Spanish Dominant Lottery. (24 students)
  • Students with a Spanish language background are assessed by the program manager with a language proficiency tool.  If their skills are sufficient as proved by the assessment, they may be entered into the Spanish Dominant Lottery.
  • To determine which English dominant students are selected for the program, there will be two lotteries.
  • Students from the host school will be selected through a Host School Lottery. (12 students)
  • Host school students who are not selected will NOT be entered into the other lottery.  Instead, they will be placed on a Host School Waiting List based on the order in which their names were drawn in the Host School Lottery.
  • District-wide students (who are not from the host school) will be entered into a District-Wide Lottery.
  • District-wide students who are not selected will be placed on a District-Wide Waiting List based on the order in which their names were drawn in the District-Wide Lottery.
  • An effort will be made to maintain a balance in the program as described under “Demographic Makeup”.  In the event of vacancies in the program (up to Kindergarten for English dominant students and up to Grade 2 for Spanish dominant students), students from either the Spanish Dominant Waiting List, the Host School Waiting List or the District-Wide Waiting List will be invited in order based on their position on the applicable list. 

Within each of the lotteries, preference is given based on the following:

  • Students who have siblings in the program are weighted 3 times.
  • If one twin (or other multiple) is selected, the other(s) is automatically accepted into the program.

How it Works

  • All students develop literacy in both languages.

  • In kindergarten instruction is delivered 80% in Spanish and 20% in English.

  • Each subsequent year, the percentage of Spanish instruction decreases by 10% while English instruction increases by 10%.

  • At Grade 3, instruction will be 50% in each language.

  • Students gain true, marketable fluency in two languages while mastering a challenging curriculum. Children who develop strong academic proficiency in 2 languages are likely to experience cognitive advantages over monolinguals. (Baker ‘93, Bialystock ‘91, Bialystock & Hakuta ‘94, Diaz & Klinger ‘91, Genesee ‘87, Hakuta ‘86)

Program Design
  • Classes are comprised of an equal number of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students.
  • Classes are taught by highly-qualified bilingual teachers and assisted by bilingual aides in grades K-1.
  • Instruction in all content areas is delivered in two languages.
  • Classes run on the regular elementary schedule, from 8:00 am-2:40pm. 


Who Should Participate
  • Families who embrace academic challenge.

  • Families who are willing to commit to the Dual Language Program through Grade 5.

  • Families who are willing to attend a school other than their neighborhood school.

  • Parents who are interested in learning along with their children. 

  • Your child must be registered at the District to participate in the Lottery.

Program Entry

Students may enter through the kindergarten cohort. Spanish speakers may enter beyond kindergarten if they possess the skills needed and space allows. A student who moves into the district and was previously enrolled in an equivalent program will be allowed to enter the program if there is space.