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Middle School Fine Arts

middle school fine arts

Barrington 220 Fine Arts offers students an outlet for creative thinking, self expression, problem-solving, collaboration, and self reflection. The middle school fine arts curriculum prepares students for an increasingly visual and engaging society where creative thought is integral in developing a sophisticated understanding of the world around them. All learning is centered on the National Core Arts Standards which provide hands-on creative experiences, with an emphasis on students creating, performing, responding and connecting daily in their fine arts classroom.

All Barrington 220 students, grades 6-8, access arts experiences through their exploratory rotations each year. Art and drama classes, which are a part of the yearly rotation for all students, provide students an opportunity to hone creative skills and collaborate with others. Additionally, the fine arts exploratory rotations engage students in self-directed learning where they develop a unique artistic voice and frequently reflect on their own work and the work of others. Analysis, inference and synthesis are a part of students’ daily experiences in middle school fine arts.

Additionally, students can choose to participate in middle school band, orchestra, or choir as a year-long commitment during Colt Time. In these courses, students deepen their understanding of music theory, sight reading, and how to perform both individually and within a larger ensemble. Students create music in smaller group sectionals every other week and within their Colt Time ensembles on a daily basis.

Extended Art is also offered to those students in grade 6-8 who qualify for the program.

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